City Building

As our programming team works on finishing up the main menu, the art team has been busy working on some new assets. We have been working on some new building structures to give the city a more city feel to it instead of the suburbs. This will all make their way into the coming update […]

Finalizing The Menu

Two weeks ago we began building the main menu for the game and it is now finally in its review stage. We are currently finalizing the art for the menu and fixing a few bugs and tweaking a few setting. We plan on rolling out the menu to the public sometime next week and will […]

Zombie Menu

The past week we have been working hard on building the main menu for The Lonely Zombie. We brought on a couple interns to assist us with the development and have made significant progress on it. We are excited to show you all the hard work the team has put into it and will update […]

The Journey Continues

As we head into phase 2 of development we are implementing the scrum workflow to our process. This week we are starting our first sprint with the goal of creating the main menu for the game. We hope by adding the scrum process to our development that we will be able to get more content […]