Aaron Thormahlen


Aaron is Chief Executive Officer of Paralore Studios. You can always expect him to find the fun in anything he is involved with. While working as the lead artist at severak start up game companies, he has learned the skills necessary to lead the charge in the art department here at Paralore Studios. When he is not working you can find him leveling up in his favorite rpg's such as Borderlands and skyrim.

Andrew Larsen


Andrew is Paralore's Chief Marketing Officer. When Andrew is not busy handling the company's marketing strategy, he can be found typing away at his computer, recording his daydreams of a fictional world. He has written numerous fictional short stories and novels and earned an Associates Degree in English. Some of Andrew's favorite games to play are Dragon Age, Tomb Raider, and Pokemon.

Ryan Beal


Ryan is the Game Design Programmer at Paralore. He has a passion for understanding the world that naturally leads him to disassemble, inspect, and analyze everything. Religous and scientific pursuits of every kind keep him curious. A long hike and a sci-fi audio book helps to settle his mind. He likes top down strategy, sidescrollers, classic snes games, and indie games. His personal favorites are Portal, Binding of Isaac, Borderlands, Fire Emblem, Tales of Symphonia, galaga, and LoZ: Link to the Past

David Harper


A phenomenal artist like David needs a great title which is why he is Paralore's 2D Art Director. David has a passion for animation and humor, and can always brighten the mood in any situation.

Chase Larsen


Chase is the Music Composer of Paralore Studios. He loves to compose a variety of genres in music and some of his favorites are jazz, classical, and rock. His instruments of choice are the guitar, bass, vocal and piano. His favorite games series are Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, and NBA 2K.

Larry Browne Jr.


Larry is the Lead Level Designer at Paralore Studios and is a level designing machine. When he is not focused on his work he enjoys playing RPG's and his favorite game to play is "King's Quest Five: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder". He love's spending free time playing MMO RPG's and spending time with family.

Josh Corral


Josh is one of our talented Animators. He brings a massive amount of energy and is always eager to help. When it comes to games, he enjoys a challenge which is why his favorite game is Dark Souls. When he isn't working or drawing, Josh enjoys playing warhammer tabletop in his free time.

Julia Lafranchi


Julia is an exceptionally talented animator. Julia has worked hard to achieve a Bachelor's of Science in Media Arts and Animation and it shows in her work. In her spare time, Julia enjoys playing video games and her personal favorite is Kingdom Hearts.